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DMS Electric Fireplace Led standing. Fireplace Heater 2000w. In different models and sizes. Color black and white

REALISTIC FLAME EFFECT: Realistic dancing flames can be used on this electric fireplace heater with the heat function or independently for an attractive visual, providing the ambiance of a gentle rolling fire all year long.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL: This freestanding electric fireplace has a dial knob for controlling the temperature from 68-95℉. The wide range of temperate allows you to enjoy it from the early days of fall to the late days of winter.

WARM YOUR ROOM: With 1400W of power, the heating coverage area of this electric fireplace is up to 323ft². Equipped with a safety thermal shut-off device if the internal temperature reaches unsafe levels.

ADAPTIVE START CONTROL: This indoor fireplace has adaptive start control, so when the temperature is lower than the set temperature, it will automatically heat, and when the temperature is higher, it will stop.

FAKE FIREPLACE INFORMATION: Overall Dimensions: 25" L x 15" W x 28.5" H, Power: 1400W

Retail price in market: $188 - $192

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€ 83,00